self-mastery journal

watching tv is like groundhog day.

TVs are overwhelming. They’re like ten annoying clients at a networking event vying for your attention, and you don’t know which one to listen to because they’re all so damn loud.

TV’s ability to destroy your attention span happens on such a subtle level that it took me more than half a year of not watching TV to actually notice. That doesn’t even include Facebook, reddit, Youtube, swiping right, tweeting, twatting, and all the other dopamine-spiked internet activities.

I don’t understand how people watch it to relax either. Watch an action show, and I get amped up. Watch the advertisements, and the monkey mind goes bananas. TV also activates a lethargy effect in my body that turns the head into mud and the couch into quicksand.

Because of these reasons, I haven’t owned a TV for more than five years. Whenever I go back to visit my parents and watch the big screen with them, it feels like the movie Groundhog Day. I haven’t missed anything! The same old shows are on the air, and the ones that are supposedly new are just old shows with a new paint job.

Or even worse: remakes. Some producers decided to give up on subtlety.