self-mastery journal

think isitive.

Life is what it is.

As Shakespeare wrote, there’s no good or bad, but thinking makes it so. Our thoughts create dualities where there are none.

Problems arise when we cling to one end of a duality. When we want all of the “good” and deny all of the “bad,” the good no longer becomes good. Things get out of balance. Then, like an erupting volcano, the bad bubbles up and overcompensates for its long absence.

That is the main issue with self-help that encourages positive thinking. Nobody can think positively all the time. Anyone who claims to do so is a negativity volcano waiting to erupt. Sometimes, life just sucks, and you have to deal with it.

The best way to tackle the positivity/negativity duality is to think isitive. In other words, practice seeing the thoughts for what they are: thoughts. Not good, not bad. Just passing thought-sensations.

Thinking isitive is the essence of mindfulness, and it’s the first step to freeing yourself from your mental prison. True freedom is not endless positivity, but the ability to allow positivity and negativity flow through you like water.

A few resources on mindfulness: Mindfulness meditation tutorial, headspace, chapter 1 of Waking Up.