self-mastery journal

dogmatically anti-dogmatic teachings.

Near the end of a spiritual seeking phase, I obsessed over one particular teacher.

I read all of his books at least three times each, took voracious notes, visited a super secret forum, and even convened with him. All for good reasons. He’s a charming, blunt spiritual teacher with a quirky sense of humor.

While his teachings are anti-dogmatic, I followed them dogmatically. Because his main axiom is “all facts are beliefs and no belief is true,” I closed my mind off to other teachers, methods, and ideas that could potentially help me. I used my teacher’s notions of enlightenment to deny my own neuroses.

Every spiritual teacher has its limits. No one teacher can teach you everything. The more you cling to him or her, the more you cling to dogma without even realizing it. This applies to any teacher, spiritual and beyond.

Just because you think something is true does not guarantee that it will help you. And just because you think something is false does not mean studying it is a waste of time.