self-mastery journal

the most extra ordinary event of my life.

The most extra ordinary event of my life was when I realized my true nature. The goo-roos call it “spiritual awakening.”

It was like one of those moments where you look for your sunglasses and forget they’ve been on your head the whole time. It was the most importantly eventful non-event.

I was a neurotic spiritual seeker. I would lock myself in my room meditating, reading, and contemplating the nature of reality. Upon reading a line in a spiritual book, I stared at a brick wall outside the window.

“Seriously?” I said. Then, laughter. Then, tears of joy. The fireworks moment I was looking for my whole life was staring me in the face.

“Of course there was never a ‘me’ behind the eyes!” I thought. “There’s only seeing! Touching! Hearing! Smelling! Thoughts! No inside, no outside! All consciousness! There’s never been any separation, only the illusion of it! Duh! So that’s what the teachers were pointing to! This is it! How could I not see this before?”

No, I didn’t experience kundalini butterflies crawling up my spine. Nor did a beautiful angel descend from the heavens to give me the best orgasm of my life. There was only…well, THIS.

Spiritual awakening is not the end of things. Paradoxically, it begins a life-long journey to embody the “this is it” perspective. The spiritual carrot-chase may be over, but the spiritual carrot-feast just started.

Now I finally understand the meaning of “the journey is the destination.”