self-mastery journal

the journey is the destination.

You set goals in the mindset that achieving them will make you happy. But when you do, and the high of achievement wears off, you feel exactly the same as you did before setting the goal.

The psyche will always feel incomplete. But you can use that fact to reframe life as a never-ending game. Instead of trying to find happiness by ending the game, you find it by prolonging the game.

Achieving goals doesn’t bring lasting happiness. The process of working towards them does.

The outcome of the game doesn’t really matter in the end. Eventually, you will die, and the void will engulf all of your achievements.

Lying on your deathbed, will you be more satisfied about how much money you made, or whether you enjoyed the work involved to make it? Will you be more satisfied about finding a trophy spouse, or whether the relationship bloomed as the years went on? Will you be more satisfied about your victories, or the noble struggle you endured to be victorious?

The journey of life is the destination. Where you end up doesn’t matter. What matters is that you enjoyed the climb.

Resource:Finite and Infinite Games.