self-mastery journal

the guardian.

There is a Guardian deep within you.

He protects you from the Darkness.

In order to protect you, he takes extreme measures. He may cause an addiction, have you stay in your comfort zone, or make you backslide on your goals. And for that, you hate him.

Your hatred for the Guardian only makes him more vigilant. He sabotages your life until it’s nearly in shambles.

When you’ve had enough, you finally turn inward and listen to what the Guardian has to say.

“I’ve been protecting you from the Darkness since you were little,” he says. “I’m not your enemy, even if it seems that way. Please understand that.”

A surge of compassion flows within you. You understand now.

Ever since childhood, the Guardian has worked tirelessly. He’s the invisible hand behind all of your cravings, your neuroses, your physical ailments, your fears. These are the Guardian’s methods for protecting you from the Darkness.

You feel tremendous respect for his amazing power.

You hug the Guardian. He smiles in your embrace.

“Thank you so much for protecting me,” you say. “You’ve done an amazing job. But now I am willing to taste some of the Darkness.”

He steps aside and lets you taste the Darkness. It tastes like death. However, your presence and willingness to taste the Darkness has made it a little less dark.

Nowadays, your relationship with the Guardian has transformed from a cold tug-of-war into a warm friendship. You work with him to illuminate the Darkness.

The Guardian is no longer so desperate to protect you. Your cravings, neuroses, physical ailments, and fears have diminished greatly.

But whenever the Guardian does bring out your old conditioning, you remember to smile and listen.