self-mastery journal

saving money for a low-energy asshole.

The idea of postponing fun for a distant retirement baffles me.

Here’s why I don’t put my salvation in traditional retirement:

  • Future me will have limited energy. There’s an old saying: Young adults have time, energy, but no money. Adults have money, energy, but no time. And senior citizens have money, time, but no energy.
  • Future me may not exist. I could die today. If I’m not living the life I want to live right now, when will I?
  • Future me could be an asshole. Why would I want to save money for a low-energy asshole?
  • Traditional retirement sounds boring as hell. I suck at golf. I’d much rather create meaningful things until the day I die.
  • I can cut my costs to save for a mini-retirement any time I want. May as well do it now while I still have my energy.

Planning and saving is great, but putting your salvation decades into the future is delusional.

Once I’m too old to be able to wipe my own behind, I’ll just ask my immediate family to pull the plug. That’ll save me some dignity.