self-mastery journal

every problem has a solution.

I recently played Inside by Playdead Studios (a mind-trip of a game I highly recommend – you can play it in one sitting). I got stuck on a few of the puzzles and did my frustrated grunts. They sound like the cross between a panting dog and a wee-snawing donkey.

But while I may have been frustrated, I had faith. In puzzle games, there’s always a solution, or else the game wouldn’t end. So I stuck with it, eventually found the solutions, and completed the game. Woohoo!

In the game of life, problems are inevitable. Some appear to be unsolvable. Oftentimes, our solution is to avoid finding a solution… which is not really a solution.

Like puzzle games, every problem in life has a solution. We just need to actively look for one.

The human mind is a fantastic problem-solving tool; it’s how we’ve been able to survive as a species for so long. So, use it to tackle your problems. If you haven’t used it much, it may suck at first. But that’s okay. Work it like a muscle, and trust that you’ll get better.

When you’re ready to stop believing in your woe-is-me bullshit and to start thinking of solutions, you may surprise yourself.