self-mastery journal

people pleasing adventures, part 6: roommates with a slob.

(for part 5 click here.)

People pleasing brought me to a much darker place in college.

Like McDonald, I made friends with someone who was easily accessible, who I could use for approval, and who could convince me that I wasn’t a loser. That someone I’ll call Jeremy.

Turns out that we had more in common than I originally thought. We both played super smash brothers, loved deep conversations, and had creative aspirations. While his was art, mine was music. He was a warmhearted guy with a quirky sense of humor. Things between us were great until I shared rooms with him the year after we met.

Jeremy was a slob; I was a neat freak. He stayed up late; I went to bed early. He smoked weed and drank a ton; I didn’t do much of either. Within a month, I had to move out to preserve my sanity.

Little did I realize, the cycle of friend – annoyance – ditching that I had with McDonald and Sandra I repeated with Jeremy.

If the programming doesn’t change, then neither does the circumstances.

(more about Jeremy here.)