self-mastery journal

people pleasing adventures, part 4: when opposites attach.

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My first girlfriend came to me my senior year of high school. Let’s call her Sandra.

Yes, Sandra came to me. Waiting for the other person to be vulnerable caters to the people pleaser who is deadly afraid of rejection.

Personality-wise, Sandra was my polar opposite. I was shy and quiet; she was outgoing and talkative. I was secular; she was super Jewish. I liked introverted activities; she liked extroverted activities.

We did, however have one similarity. We were both needy. I met my match.

My relationship with Sandra lasted a grand total of three months. I was the one to break it off, surprisingly. She was a really good gal… Really good for someone else.

It wasn’t her mannerisms. It wasn’t her inability to shut up. It wasn’t even her bad breath.

It was her unhealthy neediness. She was like the adoring fan in Oblivion. I couldn’t stand it. Now I know how those girls who friend-zoned me must have felt.

Opposites attract. But when opposites attach…similarities pull apart.

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