self-mastery journal

how to not be used by the internet.

Do you ever find yourself scrolling down the Facebook feed, not looking for anything in particular but expecting some amazing post at the end of your thumb-flick?

Do you ever sit down to watch a youtube video but can’t even focus on the video itself because you keep looking at the sidebar for the next video to watch?

This is the internet at work. It can use you. It can distract you. It can hijack your brain’s reward system so you’re endlessly looking for the next “thing,” but never find it.

Next time you’re doing the internet surfing routine, pause. Take a deep breath. Look at what you’re doing. Ask yourself: What am I looking for?

You don’t need an answer. Pausing and breathing is enough. You’ll discover that you’re trapped in the endless loop where you never find what you’re looking for but anticipate that it’s right around the corner.

Practice the pause whenever you’re about to slip into the web-surfing comatose. By continually shining awareness on the problem, you can learn to use the Internet instead of the other way around.