self-mastery journal

movie characters poop too!

Movie characters do exciting stuff on film.

Their lives seem eventful. Their failures are short-lived and success falls into their laps. All of their practice sessions are compressed into montages as if someone can master a skill in just a few minutes.

They never film the parts where the characters are pooping, peeing, eating, sleeping, studying, looking out at the countryside, meditating, talking gibberish with friends, or doing deep work. Makes sense, considering movies have a time limit and the show must go on. All the stuff that’s not crucial to the plot is omitted.

But leaving out the mundane gives us a distorted view of the character’s life. Watching movies gives us a false expectation of how exceptional our lives should be.

Life is really 10% what the movie characters do on-screen and 90% of the off-screen stuff.

Learn to enjoy the off-screen activities. Enjoy a slow, steady sunrise. Enjoy a simple breakfast with a piping hot cup of coffee. Enjoy the time you spend with your friends. Enjoy the painstaking hours spent mastering a craft. Enjoy the subtle sound of a low-rider fart that comes twenty-four hours after eating black beans.

You can enjoy those 10% exceptional moments too. Just remember that they too will blow away in the sands of time and merge with the extra ordinary.