self-mastery journal

minecraft: endless structured play.

Minecraft is an open world sandbox game. What makes it so ingenious is not just that you can interact with literally everything in the world. It’s not that there are no round corners either.

It’s that there’s no preordained plot.

You spawn alone in a foreign land. You need to find food and build a shelter, because monsters come out once the sun goes down. Once food and shelter are covered, you can build your own tools, weapons, and armor. Then, you can start working on a house. Or how about farming? Cave diving for diamonds? Creating a portal to hell? The possibilities are endless.

Besides an achievement list, the game doesn’t tell you what to do. There’s no finite objective where you can say “mission complete.” What keeps you playing are your own made-up objectives.

I treat my life like Minecraft. I make up objectives as I go while knowing that they’re made up. I fiddle with long-term projects. I find ways to keep learning and creating. I never expect a time where I can say “this is it,” other than right now. Most of all, I try not to feel like I have to do any of this.

Instead of putting salvation in a finite objective or “life purpose,” I found salvation in endless structured play.