self-mastery journal

mcdonald is in town.

Remember how I said I would willingly receive a slap from McDonald if I saw him again?

That may actually happen soon.

I was driving through my former college campus when I saw him, chubby as ever, shuffling around with that awkward gait. Luckily, he didn’t see me.

How!? was my first thought. Shit! was the second. Am I dreaming? was the third. I just assume he’s in grad school, since I’m not a fan of Facebook stalking.

Man, what are the chances!? In a country with thousands of colleges, McDonald chose the one in my city. And in a college of 40,000+ students, I stopped at the intersection where he happened to cross.

Moments like these make me think that the Universe likes to fuck with me. I feel like I’m staring directly into her eyes, and she’s laughing to tears, pointing her cosmic finger at my expression of confusion and disbelief.

Yeah, yeah. I’m the joke, McDonald’s the punchline. Good one, Universe.