self-mastery journal

zelda majora’s mask: look at the moon.

In The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, the moon will crash in three days, and Link, the protagonist, must find a way to stop it. He has the power to go back in time to Day One with his ocarina.

The strangest part of the game is not that Link can travel through time. It’s that the citizens of Clock Town live in a state of perpetual denial. They go about their activities and pretend that nothing’s wrong while the moon continues to grow in size.

In a similar vein, the strangest part of the human condition is that we live in a state of perpetual denial. We’re too smart for our own good. We go about our daily activities and pretend that nothing’s wrong, even though we know we will die one day.

Everything has so much weight to it until we look at the moon, ready to crash down at any minute. If we make a practice of looking at it regularly, maybe we can learn to accept our fate, relax a bit, and enjoy the ride until it does.