self-mastery journal

listen to the body, not the mind.

From eastern medicine to diet and supplement changes, my mind’s been busy trying to fix lifelong digestive issues.

But it wasn’t until I sat down and listened to my body that I actually started to feel different. What I mean by “listening” is simply sitting down and being with your bodily tensions without interpreting them or pushing them away.

When I started this practice, I noticed a constant tension in the lower abdomen. Most of the day I don’t even realize it. Whenever I try to relax it consciously, tension resumes within minutes.

It gets weirder when I listen long enough. I often start sobbing uncontrollably, and old childhood memories pop up. Then I turn my bed into a punching bag, blabbering all this nonsense I never realized was bottled inside of me.

After letting the bodily tensions speak to me, I feel contentment, gratitude, and a comfortable emptiness. And whattya know, the tension in the lower abdomen is lighter.

For healing deep psychosomatic wounds, listen to the body, not the mind. The body contains all the answers in the form of tension. The mind just keeps you running in circles.

P.S. For developing a listening practice: The Presence Process. You may also want to check out the Wim Hof breathing techniquepsychedelic therapy, bioenergetics, and reichian therapy.