self-mastery journal

life is not a duty.

Nihilism pays me a visit sometimes.

Nihilism is like the alcoholic cousin-in-law that shows up at your doorstep every other year asking for money. No matter how much you say no, he keeps coming back.

I don’t agree with all of its premises. Nihilism is great excuse to run away from your problems.

However, there is a gold nugget to nihilism: life is voluntary. I’m free to leave just as much as I’m free to stay. While my survival instincts tell me otherwise, I should never feel obligated to be alive.

Adopting this mindset has allowed me to relax and focus on what I really want to do. Though family and society may tell me otherwise, this is my story.

Life is not a duty. It’s an anonymous gift best approached with openness and gratitude.