self-mastery journal

life is high school meatballs.

Life is messy.

It’s like that sloppy meatball dish you ate every Wednesday in high school. A lot of unknown ingredients went into those meatballs. You weren’t sure if it was made from animal parts or cretaceous dinosaur meat. The top layer was always slimy. Some of the marinara sauce would make it onto the crotch of your pants. Your classmates would ask if you’re on your period as you’d run to the bathroom to wash off the spot.

In spite of this, you ate it anyway. And oddly enough, it was enjoyable. You secretly looked forward to pasta Wednesdays.

The game of life wouldn’t be fun if everything were perfect, certain, and easy. The game is fun precisely because it is imperfect, uncertain, and difficult.

Like high school meatballs, you can enjoy life in spite of how messy it is. And really, that’s the only way you can enjoy it.