self-mastery journal

how to be somebody.

Don’t be.

The moment you claim “I am _______” and believe it is the moment you limit your full potential. “I am _______” is a description, not a definition.

For the longest time, I believed I was an “introvert”. I thought, no way I’d be able to perform my music in front of people. Welp, may as well quit!

As per usual, I was wrong. Seems to be a common trend in my life.

Here’s how┬áI think now: With enough practice, I’m capable of doing anything. I may prefer to do introverted things, but I’m not an introvert.

Imagine how much more flexible you’d be if you wore your definitions loosely. Imagine all the meaningful work that could get done if you focused less on maintaining your self-image and more on honing your craft.

Imagine the extraordinary consequences of deciding to be extra ordinary.