self-mastery journal

fake change versus real change.

Fake change is spraying a stuffed garbage can with perfume.

You temporarily solve the stink problem. But eventually, the perfume wears off, and the smell gets worse.

You don’t consider taking out the trash, because that’s too unpleasant and labor-intensive. So you buy more perfume and continue spraying… until you run out again. The cycle continues until you can no longer afford any more perfume.

Real change is when you take out the trash. It’s unpleasant; it’s labor intensive; it’s what you’ve been avoiding. But once it’s done, it’s done. The smell is gone for good. You don’t need to waste time and money buying any more perfume.

Real change occurs when the pain of settling for less than what you’re capable exceeds the pain of taking action.

You may spray perfume for a long time before reaching this point. You may not even realize that you’re spraying.

But one day, you’ll run out of perfume, and the following ultimatum remains: take out the trash or suffocate.