self-mastery journal

art and work are worth separating.

In my recent dealings with adulthood, I discovered that art and work are worth separating.

Art = your creative venture. A no-strings-attached activity that authentically scratches your creative itch.

Work = your survival venture. A stable activity that pays the bills.

When you combine the two, you get artwork.

Artwork = a venture in which you create in order to survive. An unstable, strings-attached activity that’s supposed to be creative AND pay the bills.

By relying on artwork, you end up with two common scenarios:

  • The starving artist: fully authentic with your art, but not able to pay the bills.
  • The sell-out: able to pay the bills, but not fully authentic with your art.

By separating art and work, you can be fully authentic with your art AND pay the bills. You won’t worry about running out of money. You can create freely with no risk. Test out all of your crazy ideas! If they don’t work, that’s okay. The worst case scenario is that you grow in the process.

You can turn your art into artwork once it brings in consistent income. Until then, save yourself some sanity.