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advice is tainted.

Advice is tainted.

You ask someone after an apple-pie-eating contest, “Should I buy some of the pie?”. He says no as he proceeds to hate you for saying “pie.” Ask a bystander the same question, and she says yes.

You ask someone who just saw Star Wars Episode 7, “Should I watch it?” She says, “HELL YEAH! OMG!” Ask her the same question a week later, and she says, “Eh, it was all right. Kind of like Episode 4 with a new coat of paint. Watch it for the entertainment value.”

You ask a millenial digital nomad, “Should I quit my desk job and travel indefinitely around Europe?” She says, “Yes! It will be the best decision of your life.” Ask a few middle-aged parents the same question, and you receive a contrary response.

Advice is the culmination of autobiographical information, current emotional state, belief systems, and other factors invisible on the surface. Keep that in mind the next time you take advice too seriously.