self-mastery journal

addiction goes deeper than renunciation.

When I was addicted to video games, my parents set a rule.

I could only play on the weekends and had to schedule a playdate beforehand.

It was a terrible system. The limitation only made me more addicted. I trudged through the school week in miserable withdrawals. Then, come Friday after school, I turned on the games and binged like crazy.

Their requirement to call a friend turned social interaction into a burden. I usually went for the easy target: McDonald. As long as I could bear spending a few hours with him, I could spend twice as many hours kicking ass in a video game.

Trying to renounce an addiction is like holding your breath. No matter how much you try, you will eventually gasp for air. It’s automatic. Either that, or you’ll find another way to breathe. God forbid you resort to the iron lung.

Renouncing an addiction doesn’t fix anything in the long run. Addiction goes deeper than renunciation.