self-mastery journal


After a close friend committed suicide, I made a vow to master myself. This site serves as a log of my journey, as well as a beacon of inspiration for anyone else on "the path."

What self-mastery means to me:

  • Self-actualization: Continually developing into the most authentic version of myself.
  • Spiritual Enlightenment: Ascending the stages of consciousness to embody non-dual awareness.
  • Daily life-long practice: Meditation, contemplation, journaling, yoga, etc.
  • Unconditional love: Embodying the golden rule, regardless of circumstance.
  • Holistic understanding: Researching many different subjects and connecting the dots to form an ever-changing holistic understanding of the world.


You'll find here:

  • Resources and links for personal development junkies, curious minds, and spiritual seekers.
  • New, threatening perspectives.
  • Brutally honest (and perhaps relatable) journal entries.
  • Continually changing opinions.


What you won't find here:

  • Advertisements and pop-ups
  • Cat videos (sorry)

More about me:

  • The name's Brett Schwartz. Pleased to meet ya. 
  • INFJ personality type.
  • While I do have a bachelor's, I decided to go full autodidact with continuing education. I take courses outside of formal academia, and I've read a hundred-something non-fiction books in the past three years. Subjects include self-help, psychology, parapsychology, biography, health/diet, spirituality, history, and many others.
  • Music - listening and making it - is one of my hobbies. You can listen to some of my stuff here.

grow with me.

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